Unstructured Quranic Programme

Using Annuraniyyah method we plan to run Qur’an programme to cater for various group of people.

Programme Qur'an al-Mahir

The programme will use book  Raudhatul Bayan which is  based  on an-Nuraniyyah method and cater for students from all categories. Class will in group and individuals and divided into 3 stages:

  • Basis class
  • Tahsin
  • Talaqqi with sanad

All class will be conducted by trained an-Nuraniyyah teachers.

Workshop Qur'an an-Nuraniyyah

There are 2 type of workshop to be held:

  1. Introduction Annuraniyah workhop (1 day)
  2. Basic Annuraniyah worshop (3 days 2 night)

All workshop  will be conducted Sheikh Loai dan Ustazah Haniah.