About Qaidah an-Nuraniyyah

The Annuraniyyah method is one of the great sciences related to the Holy Qur’an. It is also known as the method used to teach Arabic, by teaching the pronunciation of letters, then how to connect the letters with each other, and then learning to link the movements with the letters. The method of the Annuraniyyah based on striking proverbs of the Qur’an verses during education, and used this method to clarify the differences between the Quranic drawing and spelling, and the Annuraniyyah teaches the children’s spelling of letters.

An independent book exists in some libraries, and in memorization centers of the Holy Quran around the world especially  Middle East countries. The benefit of learning The Annuraniyyah  can summarize the benefits of learning The Annuraniyyah  through the following points: Identify each letter of the Qur’an, as well as the characters of the Arabic language.

It helps to learn the letters of the Arabic Qur’an to develop the exits of letters, and to give each letter what it deserves. The Annuraniyyah  rule contains most important Tajweed rulings, which are indispensable in reading the Holy Qur’an. Service and support of the Islamic religion, through the mastery of the Arabic language.

The Annuraniyyah  is the easiest way to teach beginners how to read and memorize the Qur’an as soon as possible, with Less effort, even if he is younger than five years old, reading the Holy Qur’an with no difficulty, and he can seal the Holy Qur’an during a period of 6 months.

Markaz Iqra have make researched since 2017 on Qaidah Annuraniyyah and have cooperate with quran teachers from Palestine, Meir and Yamen to produced its own version of books based on Qaidah Annuraniyyah named Raudhatul Bayan. The book have been used in all its  quranic programme.