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About Academy an-Nuraniyyah

Academi An-nuraniyyah  is brand new quran education program under to promote the learning of Quran among the urban students. It’s  tailored to the growing demand for Malaysian who want to live his life according the Quran and Sunnah and in the same time success in his professional life.  

Akademi An-nuraniyyah  is FULL-Time Islamic School with integrated and full-time HIFDH to raise God-Conscious Muslim citizen in the Qur’anic  knowledge, Hadith and standard academic.  It has developed a unique program, tailored to Quran Hifdh as well as the academic needs of students. Students  learn Arabic language and use the language as a secondary language in the school. Learning the Arabic Language is important as this will help to read,memorize and in the understanding of the Qur’an. Therefore, our students will be able to speak, read, and write Arabic. To teach the students the Sunnah of Rasulullah in all kind of worships like praying, fasting etc  and the following morals of  Rasulullah and his companions which  we are in needs for it in our society now,  we also offer a programme in Hadith. As for the academic studies. Malaysia National Curriculum will be used. 

Akademi An-nuraniyyah  vision is  to produce generations of students where the Qur’an Illuminates their hearts and their style of living,  and are able to pursue and excel in any field of study with a strong grounding in Islamic Knowledge. The students while simultaneously pursuing academic excellence in conventional subjects which will help nurture our students become future leaders and scholars in the Malaysian society.