About us.


Markaz IQRA is an education arm of Yayasan Arraudhah (www.arraudhah.net). Since 2005, Yayasan Arraudhah through its philanthropist efforts has established and operated 4 madrasah in the region in Kelantan, Medan, Aceh and Cambodia. Currently there are 500 students which comes from various background study here. For the last few years, Markaz Iqra had expand its activities to include unstructured programs. By initiating a variety of cohesive structured programs and unstructured programs quranic programs, Markaz Iqra will trains students to become alim in Al Quran that can produced a new generation of muslim that can be bring new image of Muslim which is progressive and dynamic.

Through it’s team of volunteer, Markaz Iqra have dedicated themselves to preserving and re-establishing the traditional educational method of teaching the Islamic sacred sciences to the present generation. We hope to be an active promoter in the building of the new generation of Muslims who is expert in Qur’an and in their profession field that can contribute in the building of Malaysian Nation which Characterized by justice and progress.


To be the leading Quran learning institution focus on Quran as principal source of knowledge and Arabic as official language .


Establish chain of Quran academy in the region that can produced a new generation of muslim that can be bring new image of muslim which is progressive and dynamic .

Our Goal

To operate a sustainable and profitable Quranic Academy and contribute the profit to implement Quranic education program around the region.

Our Objective

  • To establish complete structured education programme from preschool until university
  • To establishe complete unstructured Quran programme to cater for people from all walk of life
  • To develop own learning curriculum ie books, institutionalize Best Practice for Process & Controls
  • To produce Quranic Online platform & products based on innovations using latest technology
  • To build high profile brand reputation

Organization Structure